A trip to the north country

We decided to get out of the valley heat and go on a road trip.  I had been to Astoria Oregon a few times on business but never had the time to explore the city.  They have  a world class maritime museum so we thought we would pay a visit.  The afternoon of Sunday, August 11 Sue and I piled into the truck and took off up I-5.  The Plan was to head north to Williams and then cut over to 101 via Hwy 20, a very scenic route skirting the shore of Clear Lake for a while and according to our calculations much cooler that the 100+ degree weather of the Sacramento area.

We got to Williams without mishap and made it up Hwy 20 quite a few miles past it’s junction with Hwy 16.  As we were winding our way through the hills all of a sudden we were stopped dead by the Highway Patrol blocking the road.  It seems someone had thrown a cigarette out of their car and started a good sized fire.  We waited for a while but it looked like the road was going to be closed for a while so we turned around and retraced our steps the 20 miles or so back to Williams and from there again headed North on I-5.

After dinner at a restaurant in Redding we continued the journey west on Hwy 299 and arrived in Weaverville after dark.  We stayed all night there at the Victorian Inn and continued west in the morning.


Willow Creek Museum

I few years back I was involved in an expedition looking for the legendary Sasquatch along California’s Lost Coast.  We did not find him but we did find a few rattlesnakes.  Anyway, along Hwy 299 is the town of Willow Creek which is Sasquatch central in California.  They have a museum there with many artifacts relating to Sasquatch / bigfoot.  We stopped there but alas the museum is closed on Monday.  We explored the town and talked to the kind lady in the visitor center before continuing on our trip.

We find biggoot sort of

We find bigfoot, sort of

We arrived in Eureka in the mid afternoon.  The temperature was 20 degrees cooler once we got out of the mountains and on the coastal plain, it felt great!  We explored the downtown waterfront area and had dinner at a great Italian restaurant.  There are a lot of antique shops in the area so we explored them and purchased a few trinkets.  I am always looking for nautical items and there were plenty but nothing caught my fancy except a few vintage photos that I purchased.

Eureka waterfront

Eureka waterfront

We stayed at a hotel close to downtown and in the morning went back for a visit to the local farmers market and a  quick breakfast.  After eating we headed up north up 101into Oregon.  This whole area is beautiful with lush forests and ferns and the highway seems to be part of the scenery not just jamming through it like I-5.  There are many small towns so we stopped anywhere that looked interesting.  We stopped at one antique store in a small town that was filled with boat and ship related stuff.  I am always on the lookout for cannons and they had a signal cannon mounted on a wooden carriage with about a 20 inch barrel.  I almost bought it but when I was examining it I found the barrel was only bored about half way through.  It was still usable and looked like it had been fired quite a bit but I was looking for something a little more authentic so I did not get it.  Just as well, as it would have fill a good portion of our storage area in the Ford Escape.

Eureka farmer's market

Eureka farmer’s market

Will Bill's in Eureka

Will Bill’s in Eureka

Tuesday night we stayed at the Edgewater Inn in Coos Bay.  It is just out of the main section of town.  We headed downtown for dinner and had giant hamburgers with everything on them.  Unfortunately this was a sports bar so it was fairly noisy while we were looking for quiet.  The hotel was great though with a gym and indoor pool.

A 427 cubic inch Corvette

A 427 cubic inch Corvette

In the morning we explored the downtown area and again visited antique stores.  One place had a vintage 1967 427 Corvette, all original for only $85,000.  It was a good looking car but a little out of my price range.  I did buy Sue a nice ring from an estate and got a couple of items for my boat while we were there.

Later in the afternoon we again headed north where things got more interesting! Stay tuned.

About Bill Wells - A retired yacht broker, Bill is currently the Executive Director of the California Delta Chambers & Visitor's Bureau. He is an active member of the Northern California Fleet of the Classic Yacht Association. In their spare time he and his beloved wife Sue cruise their 1937 Stephens cruiser Ranger to boating events throughout the Delta. Bill is active in matters helping to preserve and protect the California Delta. He chronicles his adventures in the monthly Delta Rat Scrapbook column for Bay & Delta Yachtsman magazine.

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  1. Thanks Bill for sharing your trip, sounds like TONS of fun along your journey! We really enjoy your blogs, looking forward to the next one (-:
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